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Worst e-Learning app ever

The app is not functional and useless Beside its not ported to iPad Common its learning, its 2015 Ive seen a lot of e-learning platforms This is the worst among all


I find that the desktop version of the software is terrible in design and functionality so it shouldnt have been a surprise that the app would also be terrible. The app cant do anything. Its basically just a shell that redirects you to a browser version of the website. The only thing that the app allows you to do on it is read messages and those dont even load most of the time. All in all this app is one of the worst Ive ever used and its learning should be ashamed that they market a product that has so many glaring issues. I would never suggest this product to anyone under any circumstances.


This app is useless


All this app does is redirect you to the website via Safari. We know how to find the website!


no point in getting this app, it constantly takes you to Safari and has no way to reach your courses.


no point in getting it. just redirects you to the website


I just downloaded this to my ipad. It has theugly, formatted for an iphone, look. But thats not the worst. It asks me for my site. When i enter the url for our site, I get a cryptic error message, that my site address has to be selected to continue. Ive tried it a half dozen times, just crappy error messages. Itslearning is very late to the app world. And their app is crapp. JR


This app is garbage


I didnt have any problem setting it up as others have, but if Im going to have the itslearning app, I want to use it to go on my course pages. Only getting assignments and alerts is pointless!! None of my teachers even use those. Get with the program its learning!!!!

This App ruined my family dynamic.

The Millers had a great family. We would love eachother immensely, help each other with our homework, and always check itslearning for homework assignments. Then, this dreaded application was released. My brothers life was lost due to misplasing the phone inside of his uvula. I never liked Joey, but Joey loved school. Now, theres one less student who loves school. My Mom and Dad are now divorced over this situation, blaming each other. Now here I am, reloacted to the familys farm in Western Mississippi, living with my great Aunt. I never knew I had a Great Aunt. On the bright side, my Aunt consistently purchases Cinnamon poptarts, something my parents never did due to Joeys cinnamon incident. Im rating this app 1 star due to ruining my family. I cant get to my courses yo. But thanks for the poptarts.

Worthless to Me

I cant even figure out how to log in and begin. The app asks for a "site" to be entered, but I have no idea what that "site" would be or how to determine the one relevant to me.


If I wanted to just find it in my browser I would. I download an app to make it go faster.


Do not get this app! I downloaded it one night and fell asleep with with my phone on my chest… I woke up with a John Stamos shaped rash on my body. Over the course of a week, it slowly started to grow into the full cast of Full House. My life is slowly becoming a sitcom, every time I walk into a room, I hear fake laughter. Every time I make an alarm, no matter what sound I set it to, it starts to play "Every Where You Look" by Jesse Frederick. I fear this might to be contagious, I have already spread enough diseases to my girlfriend, this is the last thing she needs.


I bet Id know how to spell garbage if this app was even slightly functional


I dont see why the reviews are so bad- the app has a clean design and is a far more convenient way of keeping up with school assignments. Some of the reviews claim that it only redirects you to the website, but once you log in it asks you to confirm some information after which you can start using the app. I havent had the app long enough to see any crashes or glitches, but it looks good so far.


It never helps me see what I need and I dont now what SITE I am in it would be better just going on line and going to its learning

I mean...ehhh

So I am a student in 8th grade and my school uses the site. I figured this way I dont have to use a computer. Absolutely useless! I like that I can see what assignments I have due, but I cant read the directions or look at the grade they gave me. The only useful thing is being able to reply to messages here. I might as well have used the website. Dont download. Waste of time and effort.


It takes you to safari to do anything. Not an app; this is a "shortcut" to the website.


The app doesnt really do anything. It just redirects you to the web site anytime you want to do anything other than send messages. The app repeatedly logs you out of your account anyway. Dont waste your time until ItsLearning makes this app more useful.


Finally an app for my school!

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