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What a crappy app!! Nothing works on it. Can’t watch videos or view anything. Stupid.

Why not my School

Ok this is a great app in my school ok so when ever I log in it won't allow my school why not so a have to go to Safari and I have to search verge and it logs me in whenever I download this app it won't log my school in meclendon elementary school

Sbisd student

Everything so far I’m really enjoying throughout using the app at school.But one of my classes doesn’t show I have seven classes in total and only 6 appear on courses.I’d really appreciate it if ou guys can fix that thanks! Sincerely a student

Very helpful

This app has really helped me with school! I would highly recommend it because all of my teachers post things I need for tests and quizzes. Also, if you are struggling with something you can send your teacher a little email/text. You can also chat with your fiends and help them with projects. Great job!

This is garbage

Ur mum gae lol

I hate this

Y’all make learning harder than it should be

No printing?!?!?! 😶

I love this app especially when I forget something at school but it works really weird and I can’t print from the app I have to go back into to safari, log in and get to the assignment I have to print and it’s just annoying!


Love this app! I recently moved into middle school and this has helped me tremendously because it sinks with my Calendar! Really recommend!!


it work so good with my school

Logs me out!

This is a great APP. I use it everyday in my classroom because We are paperless. BIG PROBLEM THOUGH! The APP signs me out repeatedly and I can’t get back in until the APP allows me to sign in. Please fix this portion!

Can’t do certain questions/ assignments

Questions where we would click and drag the answers to a box on a laptop, I’m unable to do any of them. (I can’t drag the answers to the respective box)

The App Version is Unuseable

My school uses itslearning for just about everything, so I downloaded the app to keep up with my work. Unfortunately, the app does not allow users to access the tasks selection of courses, which is the main reason to own the app in the first place. The app must be fixed on ALL schools involved in the program


This app is really good for when you need to find assignments, especially if you’re pulling a last minute homework assignment and need links to things you did in class quickly


I type in the name of my school and nothing happens .


It’s good


Itslearning is pretty good, it helps me get to my school’s VLE page without having to go online.


Schools should not use this, it causes so many problems. Google classroom is far better and easier. Do not recommend


I dont like the app because it is school related and whenever I go to youtube on my Ipad i see this app and start to stress out on how i have to go to school the next day.

Dria’s review

Great app for school❤️

Pretty dnk

This is totally dank.


I can access all of my assignments and what not 🤷🏽‍♀️

Helpful but Incomplete

Needs to be better optimized to mimic the site

Too hard to use

Use it everyday and I still get lost. Not user friendly.

Extremely Convenient

This app is wonderful for my online classes. With the newest update it's quick and simple. Couldn't ask for more out of this app.

Too much to go back to

It's frustrating how you have to log in every time even if necessary and sometimes I accidentally press the home page it leads me back and I have to go back to a slide but it puts me back to the beginning of it and I have to flip through it all the way from page 1 to a very high number. I wish there was this option that lets you go to the page you want to go or if there's a book mark option. The other options are useless.

Can't login

No matter how many times I try, I cannot login to access the courses.


It could be better

Can't view assignments

Can't even view the assignment that I click on, it just makes me re login


I can't even submit anything for any of my classes?

It's ok

It won't let me message anybody


This app has allow me👴🏿 to connect with more people than I have ever met👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨. It's way better than tindr.🙅‍♂️👎 Before I downloaded this app, I had 2️⃣ friends both in real life and online😥. Now I have 4️⃣ very loving♥️♥️ and supportive👉👌 friends👬👬. Also, it is 🆓🆓🆓🆓🆓❌💲❌💲✔️✔️✔️💯💯💯💯💯💯. You should download⬇️ it as 🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜 as possible.📣📣📣😀

Amazing app!

This app allows me to connect 👬 with my friends 👲👳🏾👱🏻👱🏿 and peers ☺️! It's great😄👌! It lets me connect 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 with new 👶🏿 people 🙋🏻 too! It's time 🕚 that this app is discovered ⛺️! I like to talk 💬 to friends 👲👳🏾👱🏻👱🏿 in the bathtub 🛀, and send them fun 🙆🏽 pictures 📷😏😏😏. Thanks 👏🙌🙌🙌 to itsLearning 💜❤️💜 for helping me learn 😄😄😄😄😄!

Won't work

I can't even open the app it's a waste of time.

Doesn't work

I've tried redownloading the app and it is still unable to load crucial pages and my answers. It doesn't let me turn in my answers so I slave for 45 minutes all for my work to suddenly be "missing."😡

Slow as internet explorer, yet complex like rocket surgery

Ask for "site"? Like, why can't you ask me for the school I'm in?

Won't Work

App won't even open; I'll try to log in but it will stay stuck on the "loading" screen, forcing me to close the app.


This app crashes before I can even login. Please fix. I'm using an iPhone 6S Plus with iOS 10.

Semi useless

When I heard there was a VLE app, I got really excited. Finally, I can access the VLE quickly and efficiently, right? I can view the syllabus posted by my teacher quickly and easily, right? Wrong. Pretty much the only thing you can do on it is view your teachers' update posts, tasks to do, and messages (which I'm not sure works because nothing is showing for me). If you want to access a file posted by your teacher, tough luck. If you want to look at the course dashboard for anything old that the teacher has posted about the course, tough luck. That's right. You can't view anything sorted by course. All it is is a list of posts in chronological order. The dang thing doesn't even stay logged on for a prolonged period of time, and you have to keep logging back in every time, just like on a web browser! I don't see any reason why would ever use this over using a web browser. Actually... Maybe if you want to see a most recent list of your teachers' update posts and tasks, it'd be easier to use this app. Ok, fine. I'll give it that. But Jesus, talk about an app with like literally no functionality... (unless I'm missing something). The developers should be ashamed.

App needs work

Had an update install and now app is nothing more than a viewer. Had a notice sent to my email of a new task and nothing showed in the app under tasks in either tab. Couldn't view supporting documentation or take the test from the app. Had to use web browser separately to do that! Something that the previous version had no problem doing. Had to delete it because in its current form the app is totally worthless

Muy buena

El único problema es la falta de actuaciones que se pueden realizar en la aplicación.


I find that the desktop version of the software is terrible in design and functionality so it shouldn't have been a surprise that the app would also be terrible. The app can't do anything. It's basically just a shell that redirects you to a browser version of the website. The only thing that the app allows you to do on it is read messages and those don't even load most of the time. All in all this app is one of the worst I've ever used and it's learning should be ashamed that they market a product that has so many glaring issues. I would never suggest this product to anyone under any circumstances.

Makes school come to your phone

10/10 would check my assignments again


Matchmaking system is terrible and you can't win without in app purchases, but so much potential.

Frustrating App

Very buggy and spoke to rep. Guy said user error. So I sent them a video of the app not working. Wouldn't give an answer about fix. They should have released an app that's buggy in the first place.


This app worked perfect for me until they updated the website. Now I can not access my messages through the app and it's quite frustrating.

Simply astonishing

helped me contact my administrators quick and easy, Thanks Obama

Love it

I love the app


It's unclear how to submit assignments on the app. It makes it seem useless.


420/9001 Not enough memes

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